Finding Hope

​In 2012, Rita began an online newsletter. She shares these words of wisdom and grace through her wordpress site; as a way to enrich and inspire others. Connect with our online family of believers.

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Stories of Hope

Forerunner's Hope

 The Forerunner/Rita Cole is a believer in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. She believes every word of the Bible and that the Holy Spirit is given to us; to teach us all truths. 
About four years ago, Rita was given a name change to “The Forerunner”. A Forerunner is a person designated to spread the Word of God to His people. For His Word is “returned to Him in truth”. Rita moves only by the Holy Spirit. All her writings are guided by the Holy Spirit.
Rita’s prayer is that people of our generation, return to the Bible and truly understand what Jesus is saying to us right now. God is LOVE and we must learn to accept each other’s differences. Love all people because we are the “children of God”. more